7. USB Rubber Ducky with Course.

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What Is a USB Rubber Ducky and How Is It Used?

When it comes to simplicity, keystroke injection attacks are ideal. With the tools available in today’s cybersecurity market, the execution of a keystroke injection attack is both easy and effective. The most popular and easily retrieved tool on the market. USB Rubber Ducky Masked as the average flash drive, USB Rubber Ducky is recognized on devices as a generic keyboard. With this identification, the USB Rubber Ducky can perform keystroke injection attacks via accepting preset keystroke payloads. The device can even go as far as 1000 WPM when executing.

1 review for 7. USB Rubber Ducky with Course.

  1. Tamim

    etay jodi kono problem hoy, tahole ki eta return kora jabe??

    • foysal

      Check Kore Deya Hoy

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