Kali Nethunter Kernel For Redmi Note 5 Pro/ AI

The sixth release of our Nethunter kernel for Whyred (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro).
Everything is fully functional, from HID to Wifi-adapter compatibility and wlan0 in monitor mode functionality. MITMF and badUSB attacks are outdated, if they don’t work, don’t blame us.

It is based on RAD EAS Kernel, so a huge thanks to theradcolor and his hard work! (!!!)

We present to you 2 different versions of our Nethunter kernels: oldcam and newcam version. So if are having trouble with your camera on one version, just switch to the other (your ROM camera blobs and kernel camera blobs have to match).

RAD Changelog:
• Merged Linux v4.4.238
• Merged CAF TAG LA.UM.8.2.r1-07300-sdm660.0
• ASoC: Revert queue work on system power efficient workqueue
• tcp upstreams
• net: Update WireGuard to v1.0.20200908
• configs: Disable debugfs by default
• Makefile: Parse CPU varient to KBUILD flags for GCC
• kernel/sysctl: Move sched_wakeup_granularity_ns and sched_child_runs_first to SCHED_DEBUG
• Compiled with GNU’s GCC 10.2.0 with LTO
• Checkout full changelogs on Rad’s GitHub.

Nethunter Changelog:

  • fixed rtl8188eus driver


  1. Reboot into Recovery (e.g. TWRP)
  2. Flash official nethunter arm64 generic zip: Download Link
  3. Flash the kernel zip attached in this post. Newcam Kernel: Download Link  Or Oldcam Karnel: Download Link
  4. Flash latest Magisk zip.
  5. Reboot. Install the Nethunter App and NH Terminal via Nethunter Store (https://store.nethunter.com/) if they didnt get installed already.
  6. Give nethunter app and terminal all permissions it asks for. Open Nethunter app and navigate to “Kali Chroot Manager” and make sure kali chroot is getting set up and started correctly.
  7. Profit


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