Kali Nethunter Kernel For Redmi Note 7/7S (Lavender)

We are happy to publish the fifth public releaseĀ  of Nethunter kernel for Lavender (Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7S).
Everything is fully functional, from HID to Wifi-adapter compatibility and wlan0 in monitor mode functionality.

It is based on stormbreaker-project/android_kernel_xiaomi_lavender, so a huge thanks to them and their hard work!

This release features OldCam and NewCam Nethunter kernels. Starting from now, we also provide you the option to chose between HMP or EAS kernel. Make sure to pick the right one for your ROM.


  • Latest Predator Stormbreaker Kernel source
  • upstream to 4.4.241
  • sound issues fixed
  • Removed Magisk survival script (reflash magisk needed)
  • built with love


  1. Reboot into Recovery (e.g. TWRP)
  2. Flash official nethunter arm64 generic zip:INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:
  3. Reboot into Recovery (e.g. TWRP)
  4. Flash official nethunter arm64 generic zip: Download Link
  5. Download our kernel oldcam-ten : Download Link or Download our kernel newcam-ten : Download Link
  6. Flash latest Magisk zip.
  7. Reboot. Install the Nethunter App and NH Terminal via Nethunter Store (https://store.nethunter.com/) if they didnt get installed already.
  8. Give nethunter app and terminal all permissions it asks for. Open Nethunter app and navigate to “Kali Chroot Manager” and make sure kali chroot is getting set up and started correctly.
  9. Profit

! To fix camera and wifi on MIUI-ROMs, flash the “MIUI.Q.OldCam+WiFi-Patch.v2.zip” !

(You need magisk for Nethunter to work. If you had it installed before and Magisk isnt present anymore, flash it again)


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